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Text For Slogan:
Text For Phone Caption: CONTACT US TODAY
Text For Phone Number: 580-762-2403​
Text For 24/7 Tip:
Text For 24 (24/7):
Text For 7 (24/7):
Text For Request Call Back:
Phone Number On Mobile: 580-762-2403​


Use this section to build Phone, consult and Social icons. These options are seen on the header. Click to edit the texts with your own words. The texts in order are:
  1. Slogan: This is the text seen on the top left header of every page.
  2. Phone Caption: This is the text for "FREE CONSULTATIONS".
  3. 24 Tip: This is texts for the tip that appears when you hover over 24/7.
  4. 24: This is texts for number 24 at the top when writing 24/7.
  5. 7: This is texts for number 7 at the bottom when writing 24/7.
  6. Request Call Back: This is texts for the button link seen on home1 header banner.
  7. Phone Number on Mobile: On smaller screen devices, some of the header options (including phone) are hidden. This text is for phone number that will appear in place of the search box on smaller screens.


Drag and drop form here or embed element to insert (build) the newsletter signup form. You can modify the form (or your signup form code) anytime by coming to this page.


Drag and drop elements below to build contents for the popup area. This popup is available thoughout your website. You can insert the trigger link anywhere on your pages/posts.


This section is for the search box that appears on top of the mobile menu (hamburger menu). Drag and drop SEARCH element here, click to remove spacing. You can modify or remove it anytime within this dashboard


You can add additional information such as search, phone number, images, texts, form, video, etc. to your website mobile menu. Drop elements to add those information to your mobile (toggle) menu. Information added will be inserted into your mobile menu. You can modify it anytime from here.

We've setup a code editor to help you edit widgets and pieces of codes you might need to embed into your web pages.

The primary purpose of the editor is to help you understand what part of the widget to edit based on colored regions.


You can keep this page on or delete it.

If you wish to keep it on, make sure you hide it from navigation and from search engines.

You can delete it for now and only create it again when you have a need for it.
All the contents you added will still be there.

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